Voices of Kindness

It is the mission and goal at Voices of Kindness to provide each child and their caregivers with a safe and loving environment and the tools to create routines and rituals to connect with one another and learn through music and foundational skills developed by Conscious Discipline. We strongly encourage and reinforce self-esteem, self-control and self-respect, while also implementing many quality activities that positively influence growth in your child's physical, mental, emotional and social skills. It is our aspiration at Voices of Kindness to allow each child to become creative, independent, responsible, self-directed individuals who can make decision for themselves and become self-sufficient and motivated learners. At Voices of Kindness we understand that young children learn by actual contact with real objects, events, and people. Play activities are essential to healthy development. Play is a vital communication skill for children. It provides the tools and the surroundings to help children express themselves. Playing and engaging children, modeling language, and providing opportunities that give them positive interaction between a caregiver and them self will help stimulate learning. Children benefit academically and socially by having the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and caregivers. Our model is based on routines, structure, and positive developmental skills to support self-regulation and social-emotional learning. At Voices of Kindness we are setting the foundation for further growth and learning development for our individual students and their families. We welcome you to the Voices of Kindness Family.

Harmonizing Together Through Encouragement, Collaboration, and Love!

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